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Women: Stay the Course


Flight and Women, the first two volumes of the four-volume Mothers and Daughters bleed together in my mind, both being about the new matriarchal, Cirinist, state. As with the two volumes of Church and State, and to a lesser extent Jaka's Story and Melmoth, I do not see a huge change in Sim's persona; more an escalation of what started in the previous volume.


Check these prime examples of the collectivist/socialist attitude of Women-era Sim.


Issue # 163 has this add in it. Free! Free! Free!!! Everyone is welcome! Free!!!



Issue #167 has this gigantic chunk of name-dropping in it.



Notice how this is filled with a sense of community as opposed to the, "Hey. Guess who I hobnobbed with?" vibe of similar updates in Church and State: "everyone," "thanks," praise for others, shared sentiments, collaborations, etc.


Issue #167 also mentions the next tour, now a "CAMPAIGN" that, "...rests on your collective shoulders...," which is intended to bring in a new "...era of cooperation..."



In issue #168 Sim decides to help the collective, others interested in self-publishing, by creating a guide of tips, tricks, advice, warnings, encouragement, wisdom ,etc.



This collaborative drawing presented in Issue #168 is one of many such jam pieces, a number of which are auctioned for charity.



Socialist Dave Sim. WTF?


The Art: