The Cerebus Re-Read Challenge

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A Note:


I have a hard time not treating both volumes of Church and State as a single work when considering how Dave Sim evolved/portrayed himself to fit the themes of the work. For the sake of these re-reads I split the two volumes for my discussion of the art but what I had to say about the back-matter for both volumes can all be found in my discussion of Church and State Vol. 1.


An Omission:


I don't know how I left this out of my in depth Sim-as-Rock-God analysis in the Vol. 3 commentary, as it is the image that most clearly relates Sim's "I do what I want" Rock-Star-Creator-fighting-the-system attitude of the time with what is going on in the book. Sim juxtaposes his words with an image of Cerebus struggling up the Mountain.




The Art:


Issue #109 has this in the Letter From the President:



Which is the first in-print evidence I have to back up my thesis that Sim tries on different masks as he explores whatever ideas he is delving into within the book at the time.