Jamez Dean


Jamez Dean, born in Belgium and based in Switzerland, is an experimental composer, conceptual visual artist and performance artist (in music and art).


Starting with experimental music at the age of 15, the focus changed to visual art while doing a bachelor in photography. Due to some contacts made by music photography, he collaborated musically in some side projects in other genres of music (techno, metalcore, industrial, drum&bass,…).


The interest in experimental music started again by a class on sound art while doing a master in 3D multimedia.


After that a huge amount of time was spent on self-study in composition and electronics. And the focus was put on visual art & experimental music and its expression in performances.


Most of his visual works (but not exclusively, always depending on the certain worked out concept) are involved around society critics and include sampling of images, which are thrown in our faces by society on a daily base.


The compositions have a more poetic touch and can be placed in 2 categories:

- (automatically) generated compositions

- extending micro sounds into macro sounds

(for both of them a lot is further involved with specific, conceptual themes and self build and hacked equipment).



‘hermetics.jpg_remixed.jpg’ is about the transformation, transmutation of an existing artwork and the information it contains.


The underlying idea is the difference in between human perception ( e.g. our senses) of arts (visual and musical) and their information versus those for a digital system.


‘hermetics.jpg_remixed.jpg’ came together by the transformation of the original artwork (hermetics.jpg) into music, then remixing it as a music piece and then retransforming that result back to an image.


In contrast with human perception and impressions, digitally there’s no difference in between an image and a sound. All are expressed and reduced to the same binary language.


2 completely different processes were used: a digital, objective method and an analogue subjective (combined with human preference) method.


The real essence, namely the binary code, of the given artwork (‘hermetics.jpg’) was objectively “transformed” using software from an image file to an audio file (.jpg to .wav).


(Although for us humans this is a transformation, for digital systems it is still the same thing.)

This audio file was processed, remixed in real time with self-build, analogue effects and rerecorded.

The binary code of that audio recording was then again “transformed” into a visual image (.wav to .jpg)