Eva Andrea Szocs


The concept of changing the meaning of a picture-system of pixels by new processes, algorithms is connected to a few of my works based on semantics. On those works I used the Braille writing to show the difference of perception of the image and the inner image developed by words. For people not knowing the Braille writing those letters are only simply patterns. However, those patterns has defined, strict meanings. Reading and interpreting only by visual way could be relative.


My approach regarding the image of “hermetics” is more conceptual. By using simply rules, on the black and white smaller version of the original picture, I transformed the picture pixels in Braille letters.  By „reading” consequently the white pixels using the Braille writing as a decoder it is standing out a text, the text of a digital picture. Using this basic rule on a system of pixels it can be decode in uncounted version of texts.


I made the text, it sounds like some ritual ... : )


K cha a in

aeain ea ea a i

s cha ba; ow

aeenea Ea, astin, w,

e eain s eaea su,

a k ABA O EA

eac ea Ae

a east in b

ieain ka in

ea ea aa aea ea A

chbaa e eaea cd a

ch kst en -L

a ea

ea inea e eaa aea a

aa eab, ea ea,

Ben akach