The project:


Artist were asked to manipulate the image to the right in the following call for art.


"The 2013 Difference That Makes A Difference Conference is now accepting entries for an art project that will accompany the conference. All accepted work will be displayed on the Open University Campus in Milton Keynes England during the conference, running from 8-10 April 2013.


Curator, Carson Grubaugh, is interested in the ethics of information entropy and the human urge to organize/semanticize information. To explore this concept we are asking all interested parties to take the work of art that can be downloaded here and transmute it in to something new using rule-based processes, algorithms, physical processes, or any other transformational process the artist can conceive of.


Artists are encouraged to use any medium. However, for the purpose of the on-site display at the Open University Campus during the conference we will only be able to show prints of A1 sized images (33” x 23”) or less. Documentary representations of sculptural, performance, web-works, etc. are absolutely encouraged for this portion of the project. The Open University will handle the printing."

Accepted Works: